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Who are we?

Tartu Guides Association (TGÜ) is a non-profit association established in 1994, uniting former and current certified Tartu tour guides.

The aim of TGÜ is to represent and protect the professional interests and rights of guides and to offer opportunities for gaining new knowledge and developing skills necessary for guide work. Equally as important is cooperation with the city of Tartu and various institutions and organisations.

The activities of TGÜ have varied throughout its existence according to the professional focus points that needed to be promoted at that time. But one thing has always been there – social gatherings, meetings with interesting people and exciting places. In this way, we keep up to date with what is happening in Tartu and Southern Estonia and gather inspiration to learn from each other.

Altogether, the members of Tartu Guides Association carry out excursions in 11 different languages. Get to know our members and find the right guide for you here!